BMW M6 Loading into our Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer

You can visit us a We primarily run from Florida to California and everywhere in between and back. We can arrange special trips, as well. Email us or give us a call for a quote. As you can see in the video, we are loading a brand new 2009 BMW M6 into our enclosed auto transport trailer. Our trailer has a hydraulic lift-gate, perfect for low-clearance cars. Inside we can hold up to 7 vehicles, but primarily only load 6 for the safety of our customers vehicles. We use wheel straps over the tires to secure the vehicle. This is the safest form for the vehicle, as it secures the vehicle and allows the vehicle to use its own suspension, without damaging the vehicles or the rims. We always use teams when a car is being transported on our equipment, meaning, one is able to operate the vehicle and the other can guide the vehicle in. – music by Shinedown.


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