Cars of the FUTURE: 11 best transport technologies, startups & prototypes

Car & transport industry development in the modern information technology can’t be described other rapid and driven by worldwide competition. In recent years we have seen hundreds of car prototypes and theoretical technologies, which are sure to become the base for the transport of the future.

Many of us have seen futuristic driverless cars or personal transport, which use alternative types of fuel (including electricity and even air). All these scientific ideas and research could help us outline the future of the ways we commute and deriver things.
Briefly, our cars, planes, buses and trains are to be more eco-friendlier, faster, more efficient and adapted to our ways of living, both inside and outside the cities.

We have done some research and put together a short video presentation about transportation ideas, which have the potential of becoming popular in the future (please make sure to take a look at full videos via the links provided, as we just used excerpts of the content listed under the creative commons license):

– driverless cars have already been personated by Google, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The most popular of them is the luxury concept Mercedes Benz F 015

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– the ideas of a car powered by the compressed air is not new but Honda Air is one of the most thought through prototypes in this area;

– AeroMobil is considered to be the first, fully functioning and road legal vehicle that can fly;

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– skyTran may become a permanent solution for cities with personal transport problems – it’s fast, economic and works overground;

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– Hyperloop is a futuristic idea that may become one of the fastest land transportation systems available;

– future transport doesn’t have to be on 4 wheels, bicycles will still be popular, especially if they are made from recycled materials and cost $9;

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– speaking of bicycles, various gadgets, like FlyKly SmartWheel will make them even better;

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– rocket belts, flying wings and various jet packs could become mainstream, if the technology is right;

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– magnetic levitation technology that has revolutionized the transportation by train;

– pod cars as a quick form of transportation around the city;

– new Vindskip technology, which could change the efficiency of global shipping

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